Data Entry

Data Entry:

Vista e-Solutions Outsourcing Services offers online data entry services, information entry by form data entry, excel data entry, and document archiving in alpha numeric text on web / internet to global companies. Our data entry operators provide remote but fast data entry services to all sectors like medical, bank, healthcare, tax, legal, clinical, insurance, financial companies, etc. at cost effective data entry rate..

Data Entry Services:

Data Entry Capabilities:

1. Online Data Entry
2. Form Data Entry
3. Document Archiving
4. Alpha Numeric Data Entry
5. Medical Data Entry
6. Web Data Entry
7. Library Archiving
8. Order Data Entry
9. Billing Data Entry
10. Survey Data Entry
11. Insurance Data Entry

Types of Data Entry:

1. Online, Offline, Global
2. Internet, Website, Text
3. Forms - Survey, Rebate, Tax
4. Excel, Alpha Numeric
5. OCR, Image, PDF, XML
6. Orders, Billing, Inventory
7. Products, Invoice
8. Medical, Bank, Insurance
9. Healthcare, Clinical, Legal
10. Remote, Virtual
11. Offshore, Outsource

Industries Served

1. Print Media
2. Medical Research Institutes
3. Newspapers & Media Houses
4. Traders, Small Business
5. Universities, Colleges, Schools
6. Wholesale, Retail