Financing and Accouting Outsourcing (FAO)

Financing and Accouting Outsourcing (FAO):

Cost reduction pressures, increasing regulatory compliance and demands for a closer alignment to the business are driving organizations towards new finance and accounting operating models. Chief Financial Officers (CFO) of leading organizations are leveraging finance and accounting services outsourcing as a strategy to change their operating models. WNS offers industry recognized financial services outsourcing solutions that support end-to-end functions in a CFO's office.

Vista e-Solutions ‘extends your enterprise’ by leveraging its deep finance and accounting functional expertise, industry intimacy, focus on operational excellence and global delivery model. CFOs outsource finance and accounting services to WNS that allow their internal teams to focus on core business issues, as the WNS team delivers a solution that standardizes financial service processes, transforms finance operations and lowers costs.

We deliver these F&A services leveraging our proprietary technology tools such as: X-flow for business process management; Vault, a savings management tool; X-Pro which is an integrated P2P solution; and X-Act for operations management. We also have expertise working with multiple third party platforms such as SAP, Oracle, etc.

Vista e-Solutions teams drive innovation and transformation for its customer’s processes by leveraging our proprietary process excellence methodology “NextStep” which incorporates Quality during the transition and operations phase through a series of processes. It covers the entire lifecycle of a BPO migration and operation, starting from initial contacts with customers through the operations management and deliveries.

Financial Planning & Analysis:

As Vista e-Solutions focus on building an agile finance function, Financial Planning & Analysis is becoming central to responding to the dynamic global economic reality. And, they are increasingly looking at expert F&A outsourcing providers to deliver these critical services.

Vista e-Solutions Financial Planning & Analytics (FP&A) solutions help CFOs gain insight, facilitate business planning, and improve decision making through powerful, iterative analytics and robust capabilities to investigate performance trends.

We provide these advantages to the CFO through our expertise across:

1. Spend & Revenue Analytics
2. Revenue Forecasting
3. Budgeting & Reporting
4. Trend Analysis
5. Asset Recovery Services
6. GAPP / IFRS Analysis
7. Industry Specific Business Intelligence