Manufacturers are facing declining demand, rising raw material costs, complex supply chains and rapid growth by competitors in developing economies. Vista e-Solutions Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) solutions help companies manage these complexities by optimizing their bottom line and positively impacting their top line.


BPO can provide the platform for your manufacturing company to succeed amid today’s rapidly changing economic and social conditions. Our BPO solutions deliver excellence in bottom-line optimization and top-line improvement through business insight, intelligence tools and extensive domain knowledge.

Our BPO services range from traditionally outsourced processes to those at the core of the business. They include:

1. Finance And Accounting
2. Procurement
3. Customer Operations Management
4. Supply chain Management
5. Human Resources
6. Product Design And Management
7. Sustainability Services

How We Work:

A number of aspects differentiate Vista e-Solutions approach to BPO:
1. BPO Global Delivery Network of Centers: brings together our best talent from onshore, nearshore and offshore locations to deliver the optimum solution for your business needs
2. Global Process Model: serves as an operating manual representing global and industry best practices
3. Command Center Model: provides a proven fast track to visibility, consistency and control in managing geographically-dispersed contact centers
4. Vista e-Solutions Immediate: brings together best-of-breed tools in an integrated framework to deliver customized web services

Why Vista e-Solutions:

Our industry expertise to help manufacturers navigate the increasingly complex and dynamic marketplace. Our global team includes nearly 20,000 practitioners with specific expertise in manufacturing.

We combine this industry knowledge with our extensive experience in business process outsourcing, having developed innovative BPO solutions for the past 14 years. Manufacturing companies account for a significant portion of our BPO client base. We have undertaken more than 70 BPO project implementations for companies such as Danfoss, International Paper, SKF, Syngenta, Unilever and Zurich Financial Services.

Bombardier, the world’s third largest civil aviation manufacturer, turned to Vista e-Solutions to implement a world-class technical content management system as part of a BPO solution.