PayRoll Management

PayRoll Management:

Payroll Processing:

In addition to keeping up with constantly changing regulations, withholding rates and government forms, payroll processing is a time-consuming and costly task for most businesses. Taking cue of your needs ADP does all the heavy lifting offering you the following benefits:

1. End to end services from payroll induction of new joiners to full and final settlement for leaving employees.
2. Fast and cost-effective payroll processing including reimbursement claims
3. 100% compliance for payroll related taxes and other statutory deductions while processing payroll
4. Delivery of bank advice statement and customized MIS reports

Payroll Statutory Compliance:

ADP has world class tools and processes essential to support rules and regulatory standards and specifically Payroll & Labor laws applicable to India, while ensuring a fast and cost-effective payroll processing. We are equipped to provide constant support and updates to help you manage all types of legal complexities arising of various legislations.

1. Generate statutory reports including preparation and filing of PF forms, challans and inspections.
2. Preparation and Remittance of Taxes as per the respective local statutory norms.
3. Prepare, send, assess, submit and coordinate ESI wages, while assisting on audits and inspections.

Outsourcing has become a trend in most of the industries today. The Companies are now looking for an easy way out to cut down the human resource at the work places.

The significance of Payroll Outsourcing is that it can be outsourced to the third party having Professional and Expert men for the process. Being a professional and expert in the field the payroll service, having excellence in our profession, there is no chance of any inaccuracy in the work.

1. The most significant aspect for outsource of the Payroll Processing is the cost of the work. It saves nearly 50% of the cost.
2. The work is done professionally and timely which enables the business to be cost effective and time saving.
3. The experts and professionals ensure hassle free services. It also improves the productivity of the business.
4. The use of latest technology and the best software enables faster and qualitative work.

Benefits of payroll outsourcing:

Payroll outsourcing consulting services increase the quality of your product or profitability or your business. Easy Source ensures the same.