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Information Services

VISTA delivers offerings and expertise across the digital information ecosystem to help you meet the rapid demand for insights in the new digital economy.

The digital information economy is driven by evolving audience needs, varying consumption patterns and channels, and relevant, relatable insights. VISTA can help you take maximum advantage of new channels and technologies to update your business model.

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Retail Services

The pace of change across the retail landscape is accelerating like never before. And it shows no signs of slowing down.

The retail industry has probably witnessed the biggest transformation ever with the world of brick and mortar significantly paving way for a much more complex and agile digital world! The challenge of having to manage in-store and online experience seamlessly along with delivering a personalized customer experience at every touch point keeps almost every retailer awake.

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Banking Services

Manage and execute your core functions across the banking spectrum with Vista e-Solutions end-to-end platform- or product-based business process capabilities.

The banking and financial services industry dons a brand new avatar as the world moves from everything brick and mortar to digital; from large segment-based approaches to more personal and customized strategies; from fixed-time limited products / services to an anytime-anywhere approach across myriad new innovative banking and financial products and services. This change impacts every segment of banking ─ consumer, retail, commercial, mortgage, wealth and investment and so on.

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Healthcare Services

Technological improvements in medical care and the rising demand for health services from an aging population are driving a sea change in the healthcare industry. New business models and processes now reflect the trends that are shaping the global healthcare value chain. For example, with digital technologies transforming processes from electronic records to telemedicine, many healthcare providers are delivering services in innovative ways. Additionally, health services are also evolving as individuals seek greater involvement in healthcare decisions that impact them and call for easier access. Stricter requirements related to patient privacy, safety, treatment and payments, are altering compliance processes.

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BPO Services

BPO can provide the platform for your manufacturing company to succeed amid today’s rapidly changing economic and social conditions. Our BPO solutions deliver excellence in bottom-line optimization and top-line improvement through business insight, intelligence tools and extensive domain knowledge.

1. Finance And Accounting 2. Procurement 3. Customer Operations Management 4. Supply chain Management 5. Human Resources 6. Product Design And Management 7. Sustainability Services

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Construction Services

Vista e-Solutions Construction Services are the experts at providing construction project management resources for emerging and multi-unit businesses. Specializing in the client’s construction and expansion requirements, Vista e-Solutions provides transparent, value-driven and professional turnkey solutions from start to finish of every project . Vista e-Solutions becomes the client’s in-house construction team OUTSOURCED on a project to project basis, simplifying the client’s construction process by providing them with a professional and experienced construction management team on a project to project basis.

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Logistics Services

Vista e-Solutions business logistics speaks of "having the right item in the right quantity at the right time at the right place for the right price in the right condition to the right customer". Business logistics incorporates all industry sectors and aims to manage the fruition of project life cycles, supply chains, and resultant efficiencies.

The term business logistics has evolved due to the increasing complexity of supplying businesses with materials and shipping out products in an increasingly globalized supply chain, leading to a call for professionals called "supply chain logisticians.

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Real Estate

As a real estate property developer/administrator, you need to keep track of real estate key performance indicators.

We can set up a database of real estate KPIs, update the database on an ongoing basis and provide Interactive digital reports delivered to your desktop to help you:

  • Obtain a bird’s eye-view of your business
  • Identify flash points
  • Drill down to finer levels of detail
  • Identify and extrapolate trends
  • Understand and correlate composition
  • Obtain a different perspective by slicing/dicing data and
  • Compare real estate KPIs with industry benchmarks and the competition
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Vission ~ Mission ~ Quality Policy


VES vision is to formulate Innovation at Work, and delivering efficient solutions by Uniting Technology, Industry Experience and Latest Computer Aided Trends.


VES mission is to provide Faster, Reliable, and High Tech Solutions with comprehensive cost/safety balance with guaranteed customer satisfaction.

Quality Policy

VES is committed to satisfy customer needs by establishing a refined process flow at work, follow Safety and International standards, measure the process recurrently and look for continuous improvement, ultimately “Execute Every Project Right the First Time and Every Time”.