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Data Entry Services

Vista e-Solutions Outsourcing Services offers online data entry services, information entry by form data entry, excel data entry, and document archiving in alpha numeric text on web / internet to global companies. Our data entry operators provide remote but fast data entry services to all sectors like medical, bank, healthcare, tax, legal, clinical, insurance, financial companies, etc. at cost effective data entry rate..

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Data Entry Capabilities: Types of Data Entry: Industries Served
1. Online Data Entry 1. Online, Offline, Global 1. Print Media
2. Form Data Entry 2. Internet, Website, Text 2. Medical Research Institutes
3. Document Archiving 3. Forms - Survey, Rebate, Tax 3. Newspapers & Media Houses
4. Alpha Numeric Data Entry 4. Excel, Alpha Numeric 4. Traders, Small Business
5. Medical Data Entry 5. OCR, Image, PDF, XML 5. Universities, Colleges, Schools
6. Web Data Entry 6. Orders, Billing, Inventory 6. Wholesale, Retail
7. Library Archiving 7. Products, Invoice
8. Order Data Entry 8. Medical, Bank, Insurance
9. Billing Data Entry 9. Healthcare, Clinical, Legal
10. Survey Data Entry 10. Remote, Virtual
11. Insurance Data Entry 11. Offshore, Outsource

Transforming Businesses Through Digital Excellence

VES offers digital software solutions globally ranging from stratups to corporate giants across all industries.

Marketing Intelligence and Analytics Patient Access Services Revenue Cycle Management
1. Medical-clinical content analysis Pre-registration Payment reconciliation
2. Patient base analytics Insurance Verification Payment posting
3. Utilization and pay for performance analytics Scheduling Payment tracking
4. Benchmark reporting Title XIX advocacy Denial posting and management
5. Legal & mandatory statistics for the Regulatory Reporting Financial Counselling Refunds
6. Motivate Distributors, retailers, and other intermediaries to pass along important intelligence Patient financial responsibility determination Provider data updates
7. Optimal usage of Government data resources POS collections AR analysis and follow-up
8. Information bought from external suppliers Patient registration Insurance / Self pay follow-up
9. Collect Competitive Intelligence through online customer feedback Patient access quality assessment Centricity business, Group Management and Practice Solution.

Health Care Outsourcing (HCO):Services

Vista e-Solutions provides assistance to healthcare providers through strong compliance programs and improved technology, finance and revenue cycle efficiency and effectiveness, resulting in improved operational performance and lower costs.

Vista e-Solutions team of subject matter experts understands the challenges faced by healthcare providers. Our professionals help providers achieve growth and profitability through effective risk management in the above areas:

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E-Publication Services

Electronic publishing has become common in scientific publishing where it has been argued that peer-reviewed scientific journals are in the process of being replaced by electronic publishing. It is also becoming common to distribute books, magazines, and newspapers to consumers through tablet reading devices, a market that is growing by millions each year, generated by online vendors such as Apple's iTunes bookstore, Amazon's bookstore for Kindle, and books in the Google Play Bookstore. Market research suggests that half of all magazine and newspaper circulation and that half of all reading in the United States will be done without paper by 2015. Although distribution via the Internet (also known as online publishing or web publishing when in the form of a website) is nowadays strongly associated with electronic publishing, there are many non-network electronic publications such as Encyclopaedias on CD and DVD, as well as technical and reference publications relied on by mobile users and others without reliable and high speed access to a network. Electronic publishing is also being used in the field of test-preparation in developed as well as in developing economies for student education (thus partly replacing conventional books) - for it enables content and analytics combined - for the benefit of students.

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The use of electronic publishing for textbooks may become more prevalent with iBooks from Apple Inc. and Apple's negotiation with the three largest textbook suppliers in the U.S

The benefit of electronic publishing comes from using three attributes of digital technology: XML tags to define content, style sheets to define the look of content, and metadata to describe the content for search engines. With the use of tags, style sheets, and metadata, this enables reflowable content that adapts to various reading devices or delivery methods.

E-Publication types:
2. E-book
3. Electronic Journal
4. Online Magazine
5. Online Newspaper
6. PDF

Call center Services

BPO is typically categorized into back office outsourcing - which includes internal business functions such as human resources or finance and accounting, and front office outsourcing - which includes customer-related services such as contact center services. BPO that is contracted outside a company's country is called offshore outsourcing. BPO that is contracted to a company's neighbouring (or nearby) country is called near shore outsourcing.

We provide cost effective and value added Call Center solutions to our clients. We leverage on our experience and expertise to offer unmatched BPO & Call Center services. Our solutions are customized to reduce cost, increase productivity and quality. We combine expertise, skills and technology to deliver world class solutions. We strictly follow quality systems in all aspects of our operation.

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